Does anyone start their own plants?
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Am new to this forum and see very little activity. Was hoping there were some vegetable gardeners out there that I could exchange ideas and experiences with.

I do start all my own plants.
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I start a lot of my own plants as time allows. This year my job and kids have kept me a lot busier than usual, so I may end up buying more as starts next month rather than starting as much from seed. As far as the activity on the boards goes, it waxes and wanes. Right now I think winter has been hanging on in a lot of areas (we're a few weeks behind normal where I live) and also all the crazy weather (storms, tornadoes, etc.) have been keeping people busy with other things and not so much in their gardens yet. Don't worry, things always turn around sooner or later. Just keep posting! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
The great thing about gardening is that you always get a chance to start over!
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I have a small greenhouse and have many plants that I need to get outside because am running out of room, but our weather in central Ohio has been very cold, wet and stormy.
I have cucumbers, zuchinni, bush beans about 6 inches tall that I will plant in the garden as soon as the weather warms. I also have dahlias and tuberous begonias I started in pots inside as well as many coleus, geraniums, snapdragons, cobbity daisies, fuschias, petunias that I wintered over.
I have found a moisture meter helps me know when to water the various plants - I always had a tendency to over water.

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