Natural Weed Control
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Hello, I'm new to this forum but I have been gardening for years. I included pics of last years garden and this year is off to a great start.

[Image: 108.jpg]
[Image: 109.jpg]

As you can see from the pics we garden on a large scale. Weed control is an ongoing problem. This year we're doing something new. We treated the entire field with this natural organic weed killer prior to planting and I think keeping the garden weed free at least in the beginning until our plants get a head start will be a breeze. Prior to doing the garden we tried the stuff around our house and driveway and it did an excellent job. What we are using is new on the market and its called Get'em All.

You can find Get'em All on this website: Original Wheelbarrow Screener

The direct link to Get'em All is: Get'em All - Concentrated Natural Weed Killer
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Did the product work well this summer? Do you put plastic between your rows?
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Gorgeous garden! You've done a great job! With that kind of acreage, you could collect your grass clippings, and lay that down as mulch between your rows. You'll have to add more as they break down, but I've found that to be a rather handy method for weed control. AND good for the garden soil too!

Nice work!
Happy Gardening!
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wow, great job on that garden!
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