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We obtained a small aspargus patch when we bought our house. It is pretty established, 5 + years, maybe. There are a few very skinny stalks coming up that I think are first year growth, possibly coming up from seed?? I've read not to cut these, let them go to seed to establish the roots. My other half wants to cut them. Mostly because they make the area look 'messy'. (give me a break) Thoughts??
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My vegetable garden looks messy but I didn't build it to look good. I built it for the delicious vegetables and herbs. My flower gardens look good though. I wouldn't cut the asparagus because you want the roots to grow and become established. If you cut the stalks, you risk killing the root structure and retarding its growth.
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Fully mature asparagus plants (5+ years old) can be harvested for 4-6 weeks in the spring. However, only stalks that are thicker than a pencil should be harvested. Allow thinner stalks to grow and mature through the summer, and then die back in the fall. If you have the space, you could try planting some cosmos, or other tall flowers, around the outside of the asparagus patch. Avoid planting anything in the patch with the asparagus, however, to avoid competition with the plant's roots.
The great thing about gardening is that you always get a chance to start over!

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