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Have been trying to get rid of a weed that grows to about 3 ft tall, has stems like rhubarb but thinner. The leaves are long and narrow, flowers nondescript, plant turns brown in the fall and lasts all winter. It has a long white tap root. Thanks for suggestions.
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I'm not sure what the plant is, but you'll need to make sure you get all of the tap root out so it doesn't grow back. Weeding when the soil is loose/moist helps, as does some sort of long digging tool (trowel or screwdriver). Is it perennial? If so, your best bet is to try to get them in their first year, either by pulling or herbicide, before the tap root has a chance to grow too big. The ones that are too big for pulling should get cut back to the ground and sprayed with Roundup. You may need to do this more than once before the plant finally gives up the ghost. Also, be sure that none of the mature plants get to set seed. Cut them back either before they flower or in the earliest stages of flowering for best results. If they do set seed, then try to avoid spreading the seed by tying bags over the flower heads and throwing them in the garbage, rather than in your compost pile. Good luck!
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