Safe weed killer for sunflower
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Hi everybody,

One of my relative is growing sunflowers. He goes for organic products. Is there any safe weed killer for sunflowers? How long a weed killer will remain in the soil?

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I have sunflower seeds that sprout under my bird feeder. I just mow them down whenever I mow the lawn. It seems to do the trick.
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Tilling between rows is a good option due to the fact that sunflowers can stand up well to mechanical methods of tilling. For ideal weed control in sunflowers using the tilling method, till once before the seedlings come up out of the ground, about one week after they are planted. Then till one to three more times after the seedlings have emerged but before they are tall enough to shade the weeds out on their own. Once the sunflowers have fully established themselves, spot hoeing or flame scorching of weeds can be used.

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