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I ordered 80 Purple Plumb trees,and other plants from Richard Owen Nursery last season. Only about 10 survived. They looked quite dead when they arrived, nevertheless, I followed instructions to the letter. I wrote Mr Richard Owen a letter and he sent replacements. It's quite a lot of work lining and preparing for so many plants (I don't doubt that many of you will think welcome to the club). However, to be sure planting replacements correctly, I hired a knowledgeable groundsman. Everything was as perfect as we could manage using ideal potting base - even the weather cooperated. The plants were soaked on arrival and in the ground within two days. Although these looked better than the first shipment only about four survived. surely, I wrote Mr.Owens "you would know if your plants were alive or not before you shipped them". Of the two shipments only 15 survived through October. I requested a reply but thus far nothing. After subscribing to Garden Gate, I thought to post the experience for evaluation by more knowledgeable people than I. Thanks I would appreciate comments - Michael B.
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I did a quick internet search and found many, many complaints for the Richard Owen Nursery. Just like you, most of the complaints were for plants that arrived dead, or that died soon after arrival, and major problems getting replacements/refunds. Based on those reviews, it does not sound hopeful that you'll ever get your money back or healthy replacements. At this point I'd say to definitely file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Depending on the amount of money you've lost to them, you could consider hiring a lawyer to review the company's return/refund policy and decide if legal action would make sense in this case. Sorry! Sad
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Wow I actually found some bad stuff as well. Keep us in the loop with what action you will take.

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