What's this plant?
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This plant came up in my yard last year. I can't find anyone who can tell me what it is. It has a rather attractive flower and interesting seed pods. Unfortunately, it gave off a very unpleasant odor.
Can anyone help? Thanks.

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From what I can see, my guess is that you have a specimen of Proboscidea louisianica or P. parviflora, commonly called unicorn plant, devil's claw, devil's snot, and several other names. It grows well in hot, dry conditions, has very pretty flowers, and interesting seed pods that are edible (although a bit of an acquired taste, it seems) while they are immature or can be used for dried crafts after they're matured. It is also very stinky, exudes a very sticky residue that is hard to get off clothing, skin or tools, and the spines on the dried seed pods can be needle sharp (not recommended if you have wandering children or pets). It can spread very rapidly by seed, so be sure to keep it deadheaded if you don't want more. It is considered to be an invasive plant in some states and countries, so be sure to check first if trading seed.
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From your post, you described it exactly. Thanks! You did what my local nursery folk couldn't do.
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I use the Golden Field Guide: Wildflowers of North America. I just thumbed through until I found a match for your plant, then I Googled the name. Glad I could help!
The great thing about gardening is that you always get a chance to start over!

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