Foundation Bed Size
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I'm about to start planning a foundation bed for the front of our house. But I'm having trouble figuring out the "correct" width the bed should be. I thought I remember reading somewhere that the width of a foundation bed should be 2/3 the height of the house, but I can't find that "rule" anywhere, now. Anyone have any thoughts?

Second, once I figure out the width rule, I'm still confused because of the shape of our house. There's a porch that juts out on roughly half the length of the house--so what height do I use to plan my width? To the peak of the house? To the top of the porch? Two different widths for the different portions of the house?

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You have a great looking home. I would take out all the front lawn and build my bed all the way to the curb. To me, that would fit your home real well.

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