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Do catmints need to be divided? I have one that hasn't bloomed yet but is already flopping open in the middle. Should I dig it up and divide it?
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It wouldn't hurt. I divide mine every few years and they do really well.
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I use nepeta "Six Hills Giant" as a weaver plant in my garden. For many years I fertilized them and watered them along with the roses and the rest of the perennials. And they bloomed and grew like crazy and then, as you wrote, they flopped. So now I don't fertilize or water them and they stay shorter and more manageable. They bloom just as beautifully even though we are in a 2 week heat wave. They also seed everywhere.

I use this principle now with the poppies, lady's mantle and many other of the strong growing perennials I have and it seems to work! Which makes for less labor and that is important since I'm not getting any younger.
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If you google Aiken House and Gardens site, you will see that Carolyn Aiken in Prince Edward Island, Canada has the most beautiful "Walker's Low" varieties in her garden. Use the slideshow and see all of her beautiful gardens. It's a site you don't want to miss. It is breathtaking! I think the "Six Hills giant" gets very tall if I recall seeing that in a flower garden catalog I was looking at last night. Maybe this is how it got its name..6 ft. giant. LOL!
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I'm sure if you emailed Mrs. Aiken, she will tell you how she tames her "Walker's Low" catmint. Look at her entire blog/'ll be captivated for hours; it is so beautiful and she is not only a wonderful gardener, but a great photographer and writer.
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My does does it too. I think it wouldn't hurt. She divide them in every few years.

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