Frozen Pansies!
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I have my pansies on my patio and they were frozen this AM. I planted 2 pansies in a pot and they were frozen also, will they perk up as it gets warmer or have I lost them? They are beautiful----look like double ruffled yellow and purple rimmed pansies.
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Pansies are pretty tough plants and are adapted to deal with the vagaries of spring weather, so they're probably fine. It really depends on exactly how far below freezing the temperature got. If it was (I'm ballparking these numbers, so they may not be exact) 28F or above, they'll likely spring right back. Between 25-28F there may be damage to some of the leaves and stems, but not others. Trim off what has wilted/turned black, and the plants should fill back in. Below 25F it's likely that all of the top matter may have been killed off. However, the roots may still be fine and will regrow new top matter. Basically, just wait and see what the plants do, and don't despair!
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Thanks----they did bounce back!!

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