Seeds for 2009
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Did anyone have great luck with any seeds in 2008 or recommendations for seeds to try in 2009?
I generally work witth annual and perennial flowers, but am open to quality vegetables as well......

Happy New Year to all!

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Had some really great Creme de Cassis hollyhocks from seed last year. I'm hoping they survive our frigid winter to bloom again this year. And my dwarf pink baby impatiens were not dwarf at all -- they grew to about 18", the largest impatiens plants I've ever seen! (Some of the stems at their bases were 1" in diameter!) Other flowers that did well from seed: Snow Carpet Alyssum, Autumn Colors Rudbeckia (very sturdy plants), Salvia Blue Victoria (always one of my favorites), Blue Clips Campanula, and Paintbox mix geraniums. I actually remembered to pull up my geraniums last fall, and have them stored in the basement. In the next week or two I'll get some cuttings started from them. It may be frigid outside (Wisconsin), but springtime will soon be arriving indoors!
The great thing about gardening is that you always get a chance to start over!
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Did you order your seeds from a catalog? If so, which one?
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Most of my seeds I get from a Jung's Garden Center in central Wisconsin. They do have a catalog that I receive every year. The catalog is great for planning my purchases, but most of that purchasing is then done in the store rather than by mail/internet order. What items I have ordered via the catalog, however, I have been very satisfied with.

The Creme de Cassis hollyhocks I mentioned above were purchased through the Thompson & Morgan catalog. And pansy seeds were ordered this spring from Swallowtail Garden Seeds in California. For native seeds and plants, I've had great success with Prairie Moon Nursery in Minnesota (highly recommended!). And, of course, who hasn't ordered a rose or two from Jackson & Perkins?

All I can say is check out a catalog or website. If you see something you like, place a small order to see how things go. If you're really unsure, you can check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints against the company you're looking at. And do like you did here -- ask your friends and see who they like!
The great thing about gardening is that you always get a chance to start over!

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