Chinese Wisteria
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I recently purchased a Chinese wisteria, got it on clearance.. but I have been reading up on it, and am a little concerned, as several articles mention that it is "highly invasive". I am in Green Bay, so would like any suggestions or input from anyone that has had or has these.. what do you think of them???
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Hi Junebuggy. Wisteria can take over if you let it. You have to train it as you want it, with the main laterals running horizontal. train it like you would a grape or cordon tree. They can take up to 7 years to flower. I grew two together 1
white and one blue. That was when we lived in England, they looked great. This E-mail comes from France is a first for me because I thought It would be nice to write to the Old U.S.ofA!!!! Sorry but never heard of Green Bay.
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The problem with wisteria is that it has very strong, twining vines that will eventually rip apart any but the most sturdily built structures. Metal supports are better recommended than wood, and if you let it ramble up the side of your house, don't be surprised if it pulls down the downspout or gutter. They'll grow to about 30 feet if left alone, but to keep it in bounds and to encourage flowering, be sure to prune back the plants severely every year after flowering. They are a beautiful, lightly fragrant plant when they are properly maintained.
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