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Hello, it took me two years, but some passion flower seeds I planted have taken over the side of my house. I am thrilled. Last year I even had two fruits and thought I was pretty talented- this year I have over a hundred fruits growing and must be a genius except how do I know when they are ripe- we cut a huge one, and it stunk inside. Last year I let the two hang til they started to shrivel, and it wasn't so nice inside. I can't find any info except to say you can eat the fruit. My question is when and how. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I would hate to see it all go to waste. Have a great day!
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Do you know what kind you are growing? That stink you smelled usually means they are unripe and toxic!! The general guide to ripeness is that the fruit starts to change color and drops off the vine. Some will turn purple and the tropical varieties turn yellow. With color change, they should also get a bit shriveled. After falling off the vine, bring them inside and set them on a sunny windowsill for a few days. It is worth knowing what you are growing as the common variety of passion flower doesn't give very yummy fruit.
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I am pretty sure it is the most commen one. The fruit never changed color last year. It all stays green, just shrivally, lol. I quess we will leave them to the birds, or any other critter that wants them. When I read your answer to my daughter, she accused me of trying to off her, as I convinced her to try and eat a little piece of the now known unripe one- oops!! Thanks for your help. We have had fun with it, and I am ready to have it grow over my entire house- buying more varieties Smile Have a great day

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