Black Eyed Susan Problem - HELP!
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My Black Eyed Susan's are growning so tall that they split and fall to the ground. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions on how to keep them from getting so big? Also, when is the best time during the year to transplant them? Thanks!
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Hi Butterflies,
Few questions...Do you know what kind you are growing? Are they getting plenty of sun? When you say they are getting "big", are they tall and spindley without much foliage? I have heard that aggressive feeding will cause tall, skinny, unhealthy looking growth. Also, they can be divided/transplanted in fall or spring.
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The characteristic brown, domed center is surrounded by bright yellow ray florets. Thrives in most soils in full sun. A true sunshine worshiper that forgives neglect.
As your black-eyed Susan blooms, deadheading will keep the flowers coming and extend the blooming season. Just snip off dead flowers weekly to keep the plant blooming into the fall. Toward the end of the blooming season, stop deadheading and leave some seed heads intact for birds to feed on.

Black-eyed Susans are vigorous growers that can often be invansive to other plants. If you start to run out of growing room, divide your rudbeckia every three to four. The best time to do this is in the spring when new growth begins. All you have to do is lift the plants from the ground and divide them into clumps.
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I agree with gardenymph - your soil may be "too good" if there is such a thing. You may want to lay off on the feeding.

Depending on the size of your bed, you could also try planting something on either side of it to keep your Susans standing tall. Maybe sedum spectabile? Doing that will also help protect your Susans from the wind.

I've actually had similar issues with mine too.

Hope this helps!
Happy Gardening!
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