hostas are ailing
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There are peculiar markings on my hosta leaves...... erratic patches where it appears the color has been removed from the leaves. It affects side by side plants... a third plant, further away, is not affected. I can't find the cause in my home gardening books. Any ideas?
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You will definitely want to do some further investigation of this, but it sounds like your plants could be infected with hosta virus X. HVX causes patchy leaf discoloration, followed by tissue collapse (it looks like the leaf tissue in the mottled areas falls in on itself). Even if only one or two leaves on a plant show these symptoms, the entire plant will be infected with the virus. The virus is spread when the sap from an infected plant comes in contact with an uninfected plant, so be sure to sterilize your pruners after cutting back any flower scapes or leaves from infected plants before moving on the the healthy plants. Plants can be infected for several years before they begin showing symptoms, and there is no cure for HVX. You have to dig up the entire plant and destroy it (do not compost it!!). Don't plant anything new in the spot where you dug up an infected plant until your sure that any roots from the infected plant that may remain in the soil are at least dead, if not decomposed. You can get more information by doing a web search for 'hosta virus x.'

Now, having said that, there are other viruses that can cause the leaf splotches you are describing, but HVX seems to be the one of greatest concern right now. There are tests that can be done to confirm which virus you may have. Try contacting your county extension agent or your local nursery to see where it can be done, if you're interested. You can also take a cut leaf into your local nursery to see if they can help in identifying the problem, but make sure you have the leaf securely enclosed in a sealed ziplock bag. The nursery will not appreciate it if you spread the virus to their stock by bringing in uncontained infectious material! Good luck!!
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I was just wondering if the leaves on your hostas were smaller than usual, because i am having this same problem, yet my hosta leaves have shunken within the past year, i dont know what to do either

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