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Whats your favorite flower/plant? Big Grin [color:red] [/color]
Dont forget to smile and have a terrific day!
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I don't know that they're my favorite, but I do have a fondness for zonal geraniums. Our winters last so long here in the Upper Midwest. I can't reliably plant out tender annuals until at least Memorial Day! But I can start some geraniums from seed each year in early February. They help to chase away my winter blues, and give me a small taste of what's to come as I pot them up over my kitchen sink. The spicy scent from their leaves is a nice bonus too!
The great thing about gardening is that you always get a chance to start over!
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My favorite plants so far have been the Heucheras (Coral Bells). They are a shade plant with delicate flowers and evergreen leaves some with silver mottling. They are very easy to grow. I actually have them wild in my woods in in zone 7 of North Carolina, but you can also order them. The flowers for the Heuchera americana are light green and about 2 feet tall. The other heucheras with many different colors of leaves have pink, red or white flowers. There are so many new hybrids of the Heucheras now,lime green, purples, etc. Some leaves have the silver mottling or different colors of veins. The fall colors are neat too, with burgandies, reds, pinks, oranges and many others. They go very nicely with hostas, astilbes, oxalis, etc. They look like they would need pampering, but even with our drought last year they did well. They can also go into containers and match well with semi-shady to shady plants.
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My favorite is Astilbe. I am surprised at how many colors you can get - pink, red, white, purple.
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So many favorites! I really like the Clematis, as far as vines, but the Stella De Ora lily is a nice compact mound that blooms from spring till frost & low maintenance. Happy Gardening!
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my favorite plant is hosta. It is a shade plant, which requires little maintenince, and their leaves create big impact where my other annuals that need sun can't, under the tree [color:red] [/color]

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