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I am starting seedlings in my basement, under a pair of fluorescent lights. The lupines and hollyhocks are doing the best. They're about 4 inches tall and have 2-3 true leaves each. I am concerned though because they are leaning a lot. I don't think they're growing towards stronger light, since I have them in the middle of the fixture. Do you think they're too close to the light? The top leaves have been about 4.5 inches away from the lights. After I noticed this, I moved them to about a foot away; I can't tell if this has helped or not. Do you think the pots are too small? The pots are 3"x3" with 3" of soil. Or is there another reason I'm not thinking of? Please help!
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Actually, the reverse is true: your plants are too far away from the lights! The plants are growing like mad to try to reach the light. Position your grow lights so they're only 1-2" away from the leaves. Also, the light in the center of the bulb is stronger than the light from the ends of the bulbs, so rotate the plants that are out at the ends back into the center periodically. Hope this helps!
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