Lynwood Forsythia
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[color:green]I planted a "Lynwood" Forsythia bush three years ago. It did ok the first spring, but has not really done well the following two. It is surrounded by shasta daisies, daffs and other various perrenials which do fine. I will most likely relocate the plant. But has anyone else planted this particular variety who can comment or add any information? I'm suspecting it may be a PNW variety, and that the harsh ID weather is a bit much for it.

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I believe that Lynwood is F.x intermedia and usually their stems are hardy to zone 4 but the buds can be killed at zone 5. This may be the problem if you live in that zone of ID. I know that F. mandschurica is hardy, stems to buds, to zone 4.

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rephrase what you mean by doing not so well. I live in zone 6, and during the hot summers, i need to water them a lot, because of the sun making their leave wilt. These shurbs can tolerate droughs, so i water them A LOT, which makes them big and lucious. If your shrub is getting leggy or to tall, you'll want to cut if down. Always cut down your bush befre the first freeze, or the buds, like the person above me said, will freeze. Don't worry after you cut your bush, that it'll look to small, come summer, the bush will generate new stems.
If your bush is not flowering, this could possibly mean that they need fertilizer of not enough sunlight for them, if the sunlight is the problem, just transplant them to a sunny location.

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