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We are looking into building or purchasing a compost bin. The materials for a built one are quite expensive + the work involved in building it. Hubby not keen on this one. I think we would have more room for composted material.
Does anyone have a preference to the Tumblers, stand alone, wood, or any other composter? Could you give me the pro's and cons of any you may have used?
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There is no real need for any kind of container, but if something is desired the simplest is 12 feet of fence fabric which makes about a 4 foot diameter circle. Very few of the commercial compost bins I have seen provide for adequate air infiltration and most people get a wet, stinky product out because of that. The lack of air infiltration, and that excess moisture usually cannot escape, makes for anaerobic (in the absence of air) digestion which is not good. All that really needs be done is pile up your waste material in roughly the proper ratio, with just enough and not too much moisture, and it will get digested, no container needed.
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Thanks for the advice. I wanted something that didn't stick out like a sore thumb and to keep animals out.
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Most often I can tell that someone has one of those commercial composters because they do stick out like a sore thumb, whereas the fence contained pile, a pile not contained, or bins constructed, as mine are, against a building blend in so well most people do not see them.
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