transplanting shrubs
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When is a good time to move poorly sited shrubs?
I have a ribes alpina (wild currant) that's been
in the ground for four summers, a heptacodium
(seven sons) that's been in the ground for one
summer, a rosa glauca that's been in for three
seasons. I dug some holes but am not sure if I
should wait until spring or do it now. Also,
should I add microrrhiza?
Thanks for any info.
  Re: transplanting shrubs by AmyB (When is a good time ...)
Shrubs can be transplanted successfully in the fall. As long as you still have time to put spring blooming bulbs in the ground (tulips, daffodils, etc.), you should still be able to transplant the shrubs too. And as far as amending the soil goes, I think the only thing I'd add would be some rooting hormone to help the plants get their new roots established before the ground freezes for the winter. The liquid rooting hormone that gets diluted for bare root shrubs should be fine. A top layer of compost and/or mulch should finish things off, along with water, water, water. You don't want to flood the plant, but you do want to keep it well watered until the soil freezes. Good luck!
The great thing about gardening is that you always get a chance to start over!

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