Rain Barrels
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I am searching for a source of 55-gal plastic barrels to use as rain barrels. The local Extension Service recommended a pickle company in SoCarolina, but they no longer provide to individuals. Does anybody have any ideas?
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I live in British Columbia and they sell a lot of them here as floatation devices for our floating cabins on the lake. Every winter the winds rock the cabins and lots of blue barrels pop out and float away. I pick them up to use as needed. I have one on the top of the bluff to capture rain water so that I don't have to carry water up three flights of stairs. That's a relief.

I know this doesn't help you in Tennesse, but I did a Google search and found blue barrels for sale here http://www.bizrate.com/watergarden_irrig...12968.html - They cost double what I usually pay plus shipping however. I think ours come from the transportation of juices such as concentrated orange juice. If you have a plant such as this nearby you may want to check with them as well. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the info. I also have found on-line a few places that sell those 55-gal. plastic barrels, but I was hoping to find someplace that was trying to give them away. I am talking to a Pepsi bottling plant in West Tennessee that seems to be a possible source.
I have not had a chance to "visit" your garden yet, but plan to in the near future.

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