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I'm not good at digging up in the fall so I put canna in large pots which I'll move into the garage after frost. First of all will this work? Right now they are still blooming but the leaves are droopy. Too much or too little water or normal? Thanks. golfergirl
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Your interesting act of potting Canna will hold over if provided with minimal moisture. Let the leaves die down. Because Canna is very vigerous it is surely potbound. It will need to be harshly divided down to two or three eyes and repotted with fresh growing medium in the spring.
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Thank you so much for the info. I'm now looking forward to even more canna in the spring!!
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I don't know your zone, but I never dig my cannas--just add pine needle mulch. I live in southern middle Tennessee (zone6).I'm sure they will do fine in the large pots. Good luck, Happy Gardening, StanetteTN6

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