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I have 3 containers planted with zebra grass. I live just north of Macon, GA where our winters aren't severe, but I'm not sure if it will be necessary to bring these containers indoors or if they will be able to be left outside. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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It looks like you're in the southern edge of the USDA's Cold Hardiness Zone 7. Zebra grass seems to be hardy up into Zone 5 (one listing said Zone 4, but I think that's iffy). So leaving the containers outdoors may be OK as far as the plants are concerned. However, you will need to make sure that the containers themselves will be able to survive winter exposure intact. Clay pots need to be protected from the freezing & thawing of winter wet, and the same will be true for many glazed or lower-grade plastic pots. As long as your pot was made to endure the elements year-round, your plants should be OK. (Although, if you end up with an abnormally cold winter, you may want to wrap the pot and the base of the plant in bubble wrap to help insulate the root ball a bit more.) If the pots the plants are in won't hold up through winter weather, then either bring the plants, pots and all, into a cool, well-lit space (a garage with a window or a closed-in, unheated porch), OR plant the zebra grass someplace in your landscape, storing the pots for the winter, then pot them back up in the spring.
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My published zone is 5 but Zebra Grass does not agree and wil only grow for me in the soil heavily mulched on the South East side of my house. I think pots are out of the question in North Central Pennsylvania without South East placement in the soil. I have lost them consistantly in my colder locations and in patio pots.

I have been able to grow and divide every four years. Yes it is inconsistant but I am pleased to be able to have it and keep it going nicely. I mulch everything on the heavy side of the mulching practice. I have free wood mulch available so cost is not the issue.
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