help! spring is too early, winter is coming
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I live in Austria where we generally have very cold and snowy winters. This fall we planted over 300 bulbs, and unfortunately we are now experiencing the warmest winter in 1300 years. All of my spring bulbs (tulips, crocuses, hyacinths, etc) are sprouting. The problem is that winter is supposed to start in earnest very soon and it is expected to get cold and snow in the next week or so. What should I do about the bulbs that are sprouting? Do I leave them alone or should they be covered with mulch or something else? I am a pretty new gardener so I don't really know what to do. If I leave them will they be killed by the cold and not bloom next spring?
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Those spring flowering bulbs come from a habitat that normally experiences weather similar to what you are now having so they will be fine without any more effort on your part.
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Nature should take care of itself. These flowers/bulbs have been around before all of us experts. It's all good.

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