Tropical Texas Garden?
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I recently moved to Dallas Texas and I am looking to establish my first garden. I moved from Orange County California and would like to establish a garden here that has a similar tropical feel to the gardens I experienced there. My concern is that I can get excellent information on a plants' Cold Hardiness zone... but many catalogues do not give heat zone information.

I am in heat zone 9 and cold hardiness zone 7. My yard gets full sun from the morning till about 3:00 PM... after that time the majority of my small yard is shaded by the house. I do not know the alkalinity of the soil, but it is heavy clay which I am now beginning to amend with compost. I intend to do a portion of the yard with raised borders to improve drainage.

Does anyone have any recommendations for perennial plants that would give a tropical feel and survive in my Texas conditions?

Thank You!
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As a general rule of thumb soils west of the Mississippi tend to be alkaline, but contact your local office of the Texas A & M USDA Cooperative Extension Service, about a soil test for base nutrient and soil pH levels. All soils usually need lots of organic matter added as well and yours will be helped a lot with lots of organic matter.
Few nurseries use the Heat Zone Index because it did not come from the USDA, the same reason few nurseries use Sunsets zones.
West Central Michigan along the lake shore.

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