Fire bushes
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When I was a child - some 45 years ago! - my grandma had some plants she used to call fire bushes. They were not a perenial, she used to gather the seeds each year and plant them the following year. They remind me now of a "fernish" sort of plant that grew upright into a small bush, and turned a beautiful red color in the fall. I would like to find out how to get some seeds, but so far have had no luck. Does this plant sound familiar to anyone?
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There is a shrub called Burning Bush (Euonymus alata), so named for its brilliant red Fall color. However, it is a perennial in zones 3-8, not an annual, so perhaps not the plant you are looking for. Sad
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Yes, I have two of those at the end of my driveway and they are beautiful in the fall! The ones I'm trying to find would probably be considered heirloom plants by now, I imagine. The only grew to about 2 feet tall and maybe a foot across and were very light and airy looking, for lack of a better description. The tiny little leaves look nothing like the Burning Bushes you can get now, they were long and very thin. My mom told me my grandma would collect the seeds for the following year's planting, but I have no idea what the seed pods looked like. Thanks for your reply tho! (:
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Have a look at "Hamelia patens". Here in Pa where I live it is grown as an annual and gets a great red color in fall.


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