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I'm new to lillies and I love finding any information on them. I got all of my plants from walmart, so I'm not sure on their exact names. I know I have at least one Asiatic (maybe a Compass) and a few others. I had to trash 2 of my Compass bulbs due to mold, however, the scales from those bulbs are doing splendidly. I live near Charleston, SC (zone 8 I think) and my yard drains nicely, but is full of trees. I have my lillies in the sunniest part of the yard, and they seem to be doing nicely so far. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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I have alot of daylilies in my yard (zone 5). This has to be one of the easiest plants to take care of. Check out all the gardening catalogs. There are so many different kinds of lilies. You will truly enjoy them.
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I have a couple star gazier lillies in my garden. Last year I made the mistake of not staking them. They got way too heavy and tumbled over. So they didn't bloom in my yard, last year. I would recommend staking them with some bamboo stakes. That way they don't fall over and break, like mine did.
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Lilium are my favorite. There are many different species, and the oriental (stargazer is in this one) smell wonderful. Daylilies are hemerocallis which is not in the same family. Daylilies are a work horse of the garden. They don't require much, and multiply well. I have both lilies and daylilies and enjoy the combination. Also w/both of these you can get different cultivars that bloom at different times, so you will always have something flowering. I have never had to stake my stargazers.
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I have a question about lilies. I have many lilies and, over the past two or three years, have had a problem with the plants being stunted in their growth. These plants grow about six inches and then stop and never grow or flower. Other lilies are growing fine but suddenly the leaves turn brown (starting from the bottom of theplant) until the entire plant is brown. These plants don't flower either. I've treated the lilies with Sevin for insects (though I haven't seem any
inssects) and a fungicide. Any ideas on what has effected these lilies?

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