Need to transplant outside plant to new location
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I am looking for some advice on transplanting some dianthus plants to a new location in the landscape around my house. I purchased a Miracle Gro solution that is to be used to transplant plants (it is used to help the roots to become established), but am unsure if this will be enough. It would be a shame to see them die, considering how much they have grown. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I am not a master gardener, just someone who has learned by trial and error. Here's what I would do since no one else has offered any suggestion. Prepare the new hole/holes. Guess the size you will need after reading the following. Make them ample, certainly deep enough to allow the roots of the existing plants to fit comfortably. Water the dianthus thoroughly so you can keep as much dirt around the plants as possible. Carefully slide the plant with it's clump of dirt onto a piece of plastic or even a large bowl, disturbing the roots as little as possible. Hopefully you can take enough dirt so the roots never are exposed to air. Set them in the new hole, back fill, then give them some of your miracle grow root stuff. Hopefully the plant won't even know it's been moved.

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