Night Blooming Jasmine
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My father-in-law just gave me a cutting from his Night Blooming Jasmine plant. I need to know how to care for it, if it is an indoor or outdoor plant and if it is poisonous.
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My Night Blooming Jasmine has lived in a 12" pot for 15 years. It's outdoors all summer and indoors when other potted plants go in. I prune it when ever it becomes too unruly which is often. It blooms on new growth so watch for flower buds before you prune. As it tend to drop leaves when moved from indoors to out and visa versa that is usually the best time to prune hard. My jasmine blooms both indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summmer. Aside from what I mentioned I don't give it any special treatment. As to whether it is poisonous I raised two boys and numerous dogs and cats around it and have never had any problems although I've heard that it is slightly narcotic if the leaves are smoked.

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