Need wheel barrow recommendations
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I need to replace our wheel barrow. Can anyone advise me on the best type to purchase. It will only be used for gardening. Are metal wheel barrows better than the plastic models? What type of wheels are the best--solid rubber wheels, inflatable wheels, bicycle tires? Is there an advantage of dual wheels versus a single wheel? What types of handles are best? Metal, wooden, plastic, or handles covered with rubber grips? This is a tool that will be used frequently and it needs to last a long time. What options should I consider and why?
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What you need depends on how you will use it, but generally those with the 20 inch bicycle type wheels are better for traveling over uneven surfaces than the single wheel "contractors" type. Plastic bodies won't rust out, but my metal bodied thing, bought used 20 years ago, still has not rusted out although it does get rusty.
What you really need to do is go out and look at all the various types and use them enough to find out what you like and get that one. How easy is it to get "stuff" out? How well does it move over the terrain? Are the handles comfortable for you? Can you keep a slightly unstable single wheel one from tipping? Buting a wheel barrow is kind of like buying a hammer, you need to go try one out.
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