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I planted three beautiful Coral Bell plants. Slowly but surely they all died. They were in sun, next to two sage plants, coreopsis, and perennial geraniums, all of which were and are still doing GREAT. What went wrong?
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Joel, It would help if you listed the varieties of coral bells that you planted. Some are more sun tolerant, others prefer more shade. Of the coral bells that I have, the following do extremely well in full sun: Marmalade, Cappuccino, Ebony & Ivory, Peach Flambe, Color Dream, Petite Pearl Fairy. One that does not like full sun is Snow Angel. It is a variegated variety and it's leaves scorched in full sun, so I had to move it to a shadier location.
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Coral Bells, "Heuchara", are plants that need protection from the sun. They naturally grow in the shade, although if adequate protection is provided (lots of mulch so the soil is quite moist) they can take partial shade which is not the same as partial sun. Check at this web site for more information.
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I have just started to plant coral bells and I have them on the east side of the house.The plants get the morning sun,the house offers protection from the afternoon sun.
I water the plants a couple times a week and cover with mulch for winter protection,the plants are planted with geraniums,ferns and hosta's.
the plants that I planted are "Lime Rickey","Stormy Seas"and "Amethyst Myst"

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