After 20+ years in our SE Wisconsin home, and having planted 30+ trees in our 1/4 acre lot, we now have a lot of shadey areas and are in need of suggestions as to what to plant in the beds in our lot. We have various hostas, which are nice, but do not offer much in the way of heigth. Are there any "shrubs" or tall grasses that do well in shade? Or are there any other suggestions you can offer?

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I live in NW Wisconsin and put in a shade garden last year. It consists of hellebores, cinnamon ferns, Meadow Rue, Pulmonaria, bleeding heart, coral bells, and of course hostas. I also put in a Nelly Moser Clematis, which does well in partial to full shade. It's very small still, but I have gotten 3 flowers on it already. I can't really offer any suggestions in the way of shrubs, but I hope this helps!

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Check out the book "Landscaping with Native Plants of Wisconsin" by Lynn M. Steiner (Voyageur Press, 2007). You should still be able to find it in book stores, online or at your local library. As a Wisconsinite myself, it's a source I've turned to over and over again. Steiner has a small section of the book detailing southern Wisconsin forests, and how home owners can recreate them, at least in part, in their landscaping. The last 120 pages of the book contains detailed plant profiles of most of the species listed in earlier chapters of the book. Highly recommended!
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Question about shadey areas

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