Trying to find out the difference. Just bought my first succulent (I think--not sure, may be sedum). I'm not sure how to care for it :confused: Any help would be appreciated. Happy Gardening, StanetteTN6

  Sedum or succulent ??? StanetteTN6 Trying to find out t...
Did you buy it as an houseplant or for your yard?

  Re: Sedum or succulent ??? gardenymph Did you buy it as an...
I bought it as a house plant. Saw it at Wal-Mart & just had to have the CUTE little thing. ha!ha! I have a bad habit of liking something & taking it home. Then have to find out how to take care of it. Appreciate the help. Happy Gardening, StanetteTN6

  Re: Sedum or succulent ??? StanetteTN6 I bought it as a hou...
If you bought it from the actual INSIDE of the store, in the gardening/seed packet/fertilizer area, then you probably have a succulent, possibly a Jade plant? If it was OUTSIDE in the main plant sale area where they have annuals/perennials it would probably be a Sedum. They are a perennial that flowers in late summer/fall and come in various colors. Hope this helps a bit, enjoy the day!
Sedum or succulent ???

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