We started several veggies (carrots, green onions, lettuce, radishes) from seeds in containers this spring, and the radishes seem to be a bust; the tops are already starting to put out flowers, and we have no radishes to speak of, just a little red color on the root below the soil. I can't remember the specific name of them offhand (but can find it if it would help), but they were multi-colored, non-genetically modified seeds. We used special container soil, and sprinkled some granular fertilizer for veggies around them once the tops were established.

Any suggestions for me? They were supposed to mature in approx. 30 days (it's been about 6 weeks!) It also states another crop could be planted in the fall, so if I can figure out, with your help, what I did wrong, I'll give it another shot later this year! Thanks, as always.
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Radish woes

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