Last year I purchased a barrel-type composter, the kind that you roll to shake up the contents. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but it has been pretty much of a disappointment.

Right now a drawer-type composter is sitting in my living room in a box. It's the kind in which you dump stuff into the top and eventually take compost out the bottom--but only after 6 to 8 weeks.

What has been your experience?

Thank you,
... rita b
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  Composters? Rita_Mae Last year I purchase...
Most people that waste their money on these types of composters either give up or start a compost pile in their garden. In some 50 years of composting I have yet to see anything that can beat the simple compost pile in the garden, no gimmicks, very little expense.
While I do have two 4 x 4 wooden structures to contain my compost the primary reason is to limit the critters that visit rather than to help me make compost faster.
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I was asked to try the drawer style composter by a local garden group. Man, it was more trouble than it was worth. I will stick to my old pile in my yard. I keep my pile neat with three walls made of wood and hardware cloth. It may not be an artistic vision but it does the job brilliantly.

Happy composting,
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Thank you, kind friends in Michigan and Massachusetts. In our old yard we had a wonderful corner where we could hide our compost pile. Here in suburbia, with "yard Nazis" on all four sides, there is no good place to pile compost. That is why I am interested in something that will hide the mess.

Oh dear. What to do? (sigh)

... rita b, frustrated but sincere composter
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Oh my Rita B!!!!

It was very inconsiderate of me to assume you were in a democratic neighborhood!!!! Let me include an addendum to my previous 2 cents. If I were restricted to a small space, didn't need large amounts of compost and looks were important, then yes, I would prefer the drawer style over the barrel roller. It does work if you follow the recommendations, you just won't get yards at a time.

Many apologies and best of luck!
Northeastern Massachusetts

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Well, the barrel composter is hopefully cooking (in this weather???). Meanwhile, I've made the first deposits of kitchen stuff in the drawer model, along with dry leaves contributed by a friend. I'll let you know how my two-fisted plan works.
... rita b
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