I did a search of the forum for this and didn't find a match. So I hope subject hasn't already been covered.

I am new to the idea of drip irrigation. I have a very hot, dry sunny hill that I would like to irrigate this summer. I have seen the irrigation systems where there is a nossle at each plant. But I also saw a long while ago a hose the seeps water. I think I refer the later, but I don't know what is best. Would anyone have any recommendation.

Garden info: Illinois zone 5a, faces south full sun, plants mainly natives with coneflowers, rubekia, obiedient plant and monarda with peonies, irises, autumn joy sedum, various lilies.


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don' know where you did your search, but if you type drip irrigation in your address bar hit enter you will come up with hundreds of sites.
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My wife and I have been using drip irrigation for the past 7-8 years and we love it. You can adjust the timers and the nozzles so that each plant/area gets just what it needs. And if you go out of town, you don't have to worry about your plants dieing from lack of water.

We are in SW Michigan.

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There is a difference between the drip lines and those hoses that weep. The weeping hoses are made from recycled tires, usually, and there is some evidence that the heavy metals from those tires can contaminate your soil. Same as the rubber mulch, adn artificial turf, made from old tires.
This is one of thousands of web sites that came up from a web search for "drip irrigation", http://www.ext.colostate.edu/PUBS/Garden/04702.html
West Central Michigan along the lake shore.

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Thanks for the information on the heavy metals. I hadn't known that.

I gather then no one has use the soaker hoses. I was hoping for pros and cons from experience.

Thanks - I'll look elsewhere.
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