Last summer I had a big problem keeping racoons out of my sweet corn,can anyone help me with this problem ?

Thank you

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My in-lwas had this trouble and they played a radio at night ,they said that it helped till the raccoons got used to the noise.You can also try an electric fencing .You can buy a low voltage that will just jolt the animal.

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A fence, with the top foot bent outward and kept loose can be of some help. A fence around and over the corn plot can also help. I've used the fence all around the plot and also over the plot to keep crows from eating the newly germinated seed and to keep the wiley racoons out, but for them buggers you really need a good tight fence because they wil work hard to get in. They do seem to prefer to go over the fence, but a small opening at ground level is all they need to dig in that way too.
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