I have an ant problem, well they are just all over the place including under a Carolina Allspice that needs major TLC. I need to find something that will work to get rid of them without hurting the plant. I would perfer the non-pesticide route but I need something that won't burn it. Also I am in NC and they aren't fire ants but still are annoying.

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Which ants do you have? With the exception of Fire Ants most all other species are beneficial in the garden and all you need do is slightly amend the environment if they get out of hand. Ants, at least in my experience, nest where it is dry and increasing soil moisture levels enough will cause them to move.
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Also, there are too many ants in the entire yard. There are several ant mounds...all red ants. I can't walk in the yard without tripping over them. It is a full sun environment and it I assume is a dry site. (I am on the process of moving in) I want to put mulch around that shrub and put pockets of compost around it. They require a more richer soil environment than it has. It is in clay when holds water...too much. I don't want them to live in the mulch either. My fiance take great joy in watering the shurb, a. it was his Grandfather's, and b. he hates ant. I hope for more information

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Improve the soil, add lots of organic matter and the ants will find some place more to their liking to move to.
You may want to spend some time reading this article by Keith Baldwin, a professor of soil science at North Carolina State University. http://www.taunton.com/finegardening/pages/g00012.asp
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I'm pretty much an organic gardner and will try anything that sounds reasonable. And, lots of people laugh at me, but I put grits on my antmounds! As soon as I see one trying to form, I just sprinkle on a palm full of grits and it never grows. For the ones that grew before I located them, I just spread a hand full over the mound. On the more mature mounds it may take more than one application.

While people laugh at me for using grits, I laugh at them for spending megabucks on ant killer; not to mention contaminating their lawns/gardens with unnecessarily chemicals. Look at the labels on most of the leading brands of ant killer and you'll see the main ingredient is grits - of course, their grits are coated with an insecticide, but the grits will get the ants without insecticide!

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Ants hate mint. Plant peppermint, spearmint, tansy or wormwood within the affected area. These will deter the ants in the areas where they are planted. Although I haven't tried this myself, it is worth a try and cost next to nothing to do - sprinkle dry clothes detergent or dishwashing detergent where they can get to it. There's something about the detergent that attracts them and they carry it back to their hill. What they don't understand - it poisons them.
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