HELP!!! My flower buds are being attacked by a 3 striped beetle that looks like a cucumber beetle, however they're infecting all plants with closed buds, in particular Rose of Sharon, dahlias, roses, etc. It seems anything with a closed bud is fair game for these pests. They destroy the buds before they open and then move on leaving the host plant ravaged.

Any idea what these are and how to control them? I live in Illinois. [color:blue] [/color] :confused:

  Striped cucumber beetle or western corn rootworm? mizscarlit HELP!!! My flower b...
Here is some information from "Our Garden Pests" that may help. http://www.ourgardenpests.com/StripedCuc...eetle.html
West Central Michigan along the lake shore.
Striped cucumber beetle or western corn rootworm?

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