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We had a weird very wet spring/summer in Eastern WA. this year. It is July 26th today and I can count the nights it has gotten over 50 degrees at night on one hand. My question is I bought some Calla Lillys at a mark-down sale and am wondering even though they will not have time to bloom will it make them stronger or weaker if I put them in the soil for whatever is left of the summer? Will they hold till next year without sprouting or blooming in the package they came in?
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This is very difficult to answer, especially since I am not a bulb expert, so you may want to do more research or ask someone at a local nursery who may have more knowledge than me.
First, I think it will be very difficult to hold the bulbs over for an extra year without them either dying or sprouting. You'll have to get your storage conditions exactly right (temperature, humidity) to be sure the bulbs don't sprout. Then, even if you do store them properly, bulbs generally only hold the amount of energy they'll need to get through one winter, and storing them too much longer than this could likely lead to them 'starving' to death anyway.
OK, after poking around just a little bit online, I think that you may be able to plant them in pots that you then bring indoors before the first frost. They can then continue to grow on inside through the winter. It sounds like they will continue growing & blooming as long as conditions permit, so you could have them all the way through to next summer! (However, such a long bloom period with no winter rest/recharge time may end up tiring the bulb, so you may need to be extra conscientious about fertilizing, etc. as time goes on.)
Even if you can't bring them inside as house plants, then at lest planting them outside will give them the chance to grow the leaves that will be necessary to recharge the bulb for winter storage, even if they don't bloom. Good luck!
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Cala Lilly grows continuously when watered and fed regularly and can survive periods of minor frosts.It is a very strong and sturdy plant, being able to grow in many soils and habitats, multiplying by rhizome-offsets; it is naturalized and regarded as a weed throughout much of the world.It grows continuously when watered and fed regularly and can survive periods of minor frosts.
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My husband bought a beautiful miniature Calla Lilly for me for Valentine's Day. If I pot it, will it grow indoors, or will it grow outdoors? Any information on Calla Lillies would be great. Thanks!
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You canĀ use them indoors Sharon.
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