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What's up everyone, I'm new to the forum and just wanted to say hey. Hopefully I posted this in the right section!
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Welcome to the Garden Gate forums! We hope you enjoy our website. Please feel free to post any questions or comments you may have. Smile
The great thing about gardening is that you always get a chance to start over!
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I'm new here as well. It doesn't look like the forums are really that active though ... or is it because it's still winter?

I'm new to gardening in the middle of Illinois. I'm actually new to the whole concept of taking care of a yard. We became homeowners nearly 5 years ago now and still we have a lumpy, wispy front lawn and no real improvement on curb appeal. And I have a feeling that our trees need some pruning but no idea on how to do that either. I'm hoping to find good ideas here Smile
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Hi! Pleased to meet you and welcome to the community! Looking forward to learn and share knowledge with you soon!
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Buy as many back issues of Garden Gate magazine as you can find. Read them a couple of times for excellent ideas on building your garden. It will be much better than just starting on your own, and it will save you time and money.
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I'm new also. I garden in Broxton, Georgia, Zone 8. Foliage plants, butterfly and hummingbird attracting plants are my favorites. Sharon
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I'm also new to the forum. I garden in Virginia , Zone 7. I grow vegetables, herbs, perennials, annuals, trees and shrubs. I am a plant saver, tropicals and unusual plants. I do designs once in awhile. I am just a flower geek and always learning new things. Linda
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Another newbie! I'm in Pace, FL, Zone 8b. My yard has grown up in weeds after Hurricane Ivan. I live on the bay and had over 4 ft of water in the yard. Now my grandson wants to have his wedding here in September, 2010! So -- had some trees cut, pulled out an abandoned boat, filled in the hole it left, getting weeds grubbed out. Adding native plants, bird feeders, etc. I love to garden, but getting up and down is a bit difficult, so mostly have to hire someone. Need lots of encouragement!
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I have a few suggestion to help in your yard and landscaping. Check with your local greenhouses for help. A lot of greenhouses will give you a free design if you buy plants from them. I used to work for greenhouses and garden shops and gave plant advise and designs. Use the design ideas in Garden Gate Magazine, as they are very professional. Find out from places like Lowe's, what is needed to start a new lawn. Look online and in books for your trees and shrubs. These sources tell you when to prune your trees and shrubs. Feel free to ask me for advise. I love researching and helping people with their yards.
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Hi everyone! I'm Mary Henderson and I'm new here. I am an avid gardener and have many tropical plants in my South Florida home. I enjoy tennis, walking, golf, and duplicate bridge. I am keenly interested in home improvement topics including storage, new plants, how to redesign a garden, placement of statuary for effect and lighting. I'm also a Publisher of http://www.storagesheds360.com and is an expert on the best storage sheds to meet your needs.
Mary Henderson
Publisher, http://www.storagesheds360.com

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