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We have torn out our front yard due to the house settling and once we have backfilled and amended the clay we will be relandscaping. I would like to plant spirea as part of the foundation planting I will be doing but would like to know if anyone might have thoughts with regard to Spirea and snow drifts. We live on the eastern plains of Colorado where harsh and unpredictable weather is a way of life. I don't want to invest a lot of heart and $ in this plant if it will end up maimed and dead after a good snow. I appreciate any input.
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I have a spirea arguta hedge around our front lawn. Is that the type you mean? It bends under snow but springs back up again. We don't have ice storms so I can't say anything about that. We get gales often but the hedge is flexible. If the snow gets too heavy then we sometimes take a broom handle and knock it off. We don't coddle it at all and it does well.

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