Using an old bird bath for container garden
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Have an old bird bath that has a few chips, but still can be used. I'm thinking of painting it to use for container gardening. What do I have to do to the exterior to get it ready to spray paint? Do you think it will be deep enough for planting? The first plant that came to my mind was portulaca or purple wave petunias. Something colorful by two bedroom windows which are on the back side of the house.
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I would suggest using an exterior grade primer on the birdbath before you paint it. Also, for planting, I'd go with plants that can really take drier conditions. A birdbath is not very deep, and it's going to dry out fast, especially if it's made of terra cotta. Steel, stone or plastic baths won't drain, so you'll have to avoid over watering unless you drill a few holes in the bottom first. Hen and chicks would work well, as would other succulents, and maybe some alpine plants too. Good luck!
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