Gerbera Daisy
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Hello everyone,
I just joined and am new to this. Hope someone can help. I've wintered over a Gerbera Daisy for 2 years now. The foilage is beautiful but it doesn't bloom. Do they bloom only once?
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Gerbera Daisy, or Transvaal Daisy, is native to South Africa so they have evolved needing full sun and really warm temperatures. They grow most bestest in a soil well endowed with organic matter that is evenly moist but well drained, and if you noticed during the summer they only blossomed during the hottest part of the summer. The ones we overwintered never blossomed no matter how much light we provided, becasue the house was not warm enough for them.
If we could count on sufficient sun the west facing glassed in porch would get to 85 degrees in the winter, trapping all that solar energy, but not every day.
West Central Michigan along the lake shore.

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