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I have a shrub rose that is not doing well in the location that it's in. Does anyone have any suggestions of when this shrub should be transplanted? Should I wait til fall or can I do this now? It has not started blooming yet.
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True, the ideal transplant time is early/mid spring or early fall, but I've had luck transplanting things 'out of season', and I'm in Wisconsin, same as you. I'd say go for it. As you say, it's already not doing well, so another season in it's current position isn't going to do it any good. Dig it up with as much of the root ball intact as possible, move it to it's new home (prepared with plenty of compost) asap, and maybe get some liquid root stimulating hormone to put in the water you use to settle the plant in. Also, trying to time the move during a slightly cooler - or at least cloudier - spell wouldn't hurt. The leaves and branches may droop a bit for the first several days after you transplant it, but with a little TLC it should bounce back. Flowering may be a bit reduced this year, too, but it should be in much better shape by next year. Good luck!
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Thanks for the tips. I will give it a try in fall.

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