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This year's veggie garden? - nofeargardener - 04-13-2011

What's everyone planting in their veggie garden this season?

For us, we're planting:
green bush beans
Roma tomatoes
grape tomatoes
beefsteak tomatoes
celebrity tomatoes
potatoes (probably reds and golds?)
green, yellow, red, and orange bell peppers
jalapeno peppers
Serrano peppers (possibly)

We'll see what kind of room we have left after that. And then there's our herb garden... but that's for another post. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

Re: This year's veggie garden? - wilderness - 04-22-2011

If the snow ever leaves I will have tomatoes (Jersey Giants, Burbank, bush big boy, an heirloom hand me down Italian and cherry tomatoes). Peppers (Green Bell -Ace and Revolution, Hungarian Wax and Jalapenos), Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Brussel Sprout, green beans, shell beans, cannelloni beans, corn, lettuce, radishes, beets, carrots, onion (Egyptian walking onions and Candy Sweet) and maybe potatoes. There will also be an herb garden.

Re: This year's veggie garden? - kk7000 - 04-27-2011

Just watered and repotted my Wisconsin 55 tomatoes, Margaret peppers, broccoli. They're looking great under the grow lights. I'll also plant bush beans, sugar snaps, onions, cucumbers, winter squash, zuccini, beets, carrots, lettuce as well as herbs. The garlic is up even though snow is predicted tomorrow.

Re: This year's veggie garden? - IntrepidMeredith - 04-27-2011

I usually plant salad fixin's, green beans, tomatoes and basil, and maybe a few other odds and ends. However, this year, due to a busy work schedule and a flooding basement, I may end up missing most of my cool season veggies. Waaahh!! I'd much rather be mucking in the garden instead of mopping in the basement!