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Composting Weeds? - ThePepperSeed - 12-31-2010

Is composting weeds ok or should you have a separate compost pile just for weeds?

Re: Composting Weeds? - IntrepidMeredith - 12-31-2010

Weeds are fine to compost before they set seed. Once they've set seed, you may be better off tossing the weeds in the trash since most compost piles don't seem to maintain the temperature necessary to kill the weed seeds. Also, materials that root very easily, such as mint cuttings and crab grass or goose grass rhizomes, may be better of trashed instead of composted.

Re: Composting Weeds? - Guest - 01-06-2011

You can compost almost any type of plant. Weeds provide great filler for compost piles because many of them, such as grassy weeds, are high in nitrogen and other beneficial nutrients. However, weeds that have gone to seed are not good additions to a compost pile because those seeds often sprout and then introduce many more weeds to your garden when you use the finished compost.