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Cat's - michael1757 - 06-04-2009

What's the best way to keep my neighbor's cat from using my flower garden as her own personal bathroom,short of using a 16 gauge? [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif[/img]

Re: Cat's - Susie44 - 06-07-2009

Try a b-b gun. I know this makes some people upset, but the cat poop can cause eye damage. If anyone accidently gets cat poop in their eye it can cause alot of damage. Once I was working in a bed & didn't see the poop & got it all over my hands & the odor was TERRIBLE. Some use BloodMeal sprinkled around plants & that helps some. Good luck, Happy Gardening, Susie44

Re: Cat's - IntrepidMeredith - 06-08-2009

I've pushed a bunch of 6-8" twigs into the soil about 6" apart from each other to keep the cats out. It was in my salad garden, so it just looked more rustic, but maybe not the look you want in a more formal garden. Check the web to see what people do to keep cats off their kitchen counters. There are certain things they just don't like to walk on (aluminum foil, sticky tape, etc.) Some of that may work in the garden too. I think I've also seen small (~6"x6") mats covered with short plastic spikes in some catalogs. Those can get set around the area too. Good luck!

Re: Cat's - Trollskogen - 06-17-2009

I heard that spreading orange peels in the bed can keep them away. It's worth a try.

Re: Cat's - Trollskogen - 06-19-2009

BTW My husband suggested hosing them down with water. They soon learn it can be an unpleasant experience to do a pitstop in your flower beds.

Re: Cat's - Janet214 - 03-13-2010

Best thing I have found that works is putting chicken wire over the top of your mulch, sprinkle a little over the top to hide it. Cats and dogs hate how it feels on their feet. It also stops your dogs from digging there as well.

Re: Cat's - jamesginger - 07-20-2010

I thankfully don't have a problem with cats. But while staying with my dear daughter for 3 months in NC while her Marine hubby was deployed, and during the birth of their first son, I did some landscaping around their apartment. They don't have a cat but all their neighbors do. I found that mulching the beds with pine straw helped some to prevent them from digging in the dirt. Also, her neighbor planted prickly plants in his beds to keep them out.

Re: Cat's - Guest - 08-05-2010

Fences works for Dogs.
Mulch : Cats in the garden do not like coco-bean mulch.
Electronic Sound : ultrasonic gizmo's that apparently put out a high pitched sound that humans can't hear but dogs and cats in the garden find offensive.

Re: Cat's - Gardenia - 08-29-2010

The spiky seed pods (round balls) from sweet gum trees are very prickly. Placing them around plants will deter cats. Can also be used inside with large houseplants if your own kitty likes to visit there.

Re: Cat's - nofeargardener - 03-23-2011

I've read all the replies above, and its all good advice. I'll add a couple thoughts:

You could try dusting your beds with cayenne pepper. You could try purchasing some "predator urine" and sprinkling a little in your beds.

OR....depending on the layout of your landscape, you could set up an "out-of-the-way kitty restroom." By that i mean set up an out of the way bed with catmint. It should draw the cats to that area alone. I know...seems like bribery, but it's worked for me in the past.

Hope this helps! I feel your pain!