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Too much rain - JLynn - 05-27-2009

I am new to this blog. I was wondering what to do when soil is too wet for planting. Here in Naperville, a Chicago suburb, we've had SO much rain.

We are trying to grow our signature peppers for our home-made (with love) hot-sauces. Please check out our website at:

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Re: Too much rain - WindChimes1 - 06-20-2009

How do you get your peppers now for this hotsauce? Ar you growing them or purchasing them from a local merchant?

Re: Too much rain - gardenplanters - 07-22-2009

Ar you growing them or purchasing them from a local merchant?

Re: Too much rain - pelletsguy - 07-31-2009

Greetings! Well the peppers are growing like crazy and I’ve harvested enough to keep myself and all those around me up to their eyeballs in fiery foods. Two weeks ago I had so many that I took a note from Steve and his famous holiday pepper tradition and took a stab at making pepper vinegar bottles.
This harvest included Cayennes, White Habaneros, Red Savina Habs, New Mexico Green Chiles, Island Fires, Red Thai, Chocolate Habs, Orange Habs, Chileptins, one Naga and some Jalapenos.
Quick Garden Update: The cayennes have been the most prolific pepper producer so far, but followed closely by the White Habanero. The Island Fire plant and Bhut Jolokias are now over 6 feet tall!

Re: Too much rain - BellaVega - 07-01-2010

You could always plant the pepper plants in pots and transplant them into the ground when the ground gets drier. Or you could just grow them in pots although it sounds like you grow quite a bit of peppers. I have banana peppers in my garden that came in great this year. I've eaten a few and was surprised how hot they were. They were much spicier and hot than any banana pepper I've ever had.

Re: Too much rain - GreenGrower - 07-01-2010

That's great, I really like banana peppers the hotter the better Smile

RE: Too much rain - Zuppa - 07-13-2019

Rains destroy my garden. It's too wet. So, this year I decided to buy a new greenhouse. I had two but I guess I need more to save my garden. Hopefully, it'll be delivered soon. I checked on a postal code of my summer house because I didn't know about it. What do you do to protect your plants from constant rains?