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Bees! - RitaD - 05-02-2009

Help! Bees are boring into the wood on my log cabin. I have little holes and sawdust everywhere

Re: Bees! - WindChimes1 - 06-20-2009

are you sure these are bees and not something else?

Re: Bees! - Trollskogen - 06-23-2009

Hornets here can gouge outdoor furniture and other woods. They use what they chew out to build their hives or nests. Better call an exterminator before they do too much damage.

Re: Bees! - Sarina_S - 05-04-2010

These can't be bees. They don't make holes in wood. I think these are yellow jackets. They are similar to bees in appearance. They make holes in trees for their nest. They are dangerous, detect the nest at day light and spray pesticide at night when they all are inside their nest.


Re: Bees! - Ayla - 05-04-2010

Greetings RitaD
You are so right. These are indeed Bees. They are carpenter bees who drill perfect round nest holes aboout the diameter of a piece of blackboard chalk. They can be discouraged by painting with oil paint, but as this is a log home that is not probably an option. I have researched this issue myself as we have them here in WV and PA also. There is a chemical that can be applied to the wood (i hate using chemicals)
Another option is to fill the holes individually once the eggs are laid with silicone or some other sealer so the eggs can't hatch. Go online and do some research on carpenter bees and good luck. They can indeed cause major damage.
Green Blessings